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  • How do I get the subscription?
    To get the subscription of streaming services, you will have to purchase the subscription item from Shop page. Select the subscription of your choice and place the order. After the successfull completion of your order, you will receive a download button on the order confirmation page. Your user credential will be present in the downloaded file. You will also receive and email regarding the file which you could download. The credential obtained from the file can be used to login into the streaming service account.
  • How do I renew my subscription?
    Once your subscription will be about to expire, you could return to our site and purchase the same subscription item again to renew your subscription. You could also drop an email to us from Home page and navigating to the Contact section, where you will find a form to be filled. Send us the subscription item details and we will help you in renewing your subscription.
  • Can I purchase multiple streaming subscription at once?
    Yes, you could purchase bundle subscription from page and look for the Bundle item.
  • Can I change the login credential after purchasing the account?
    We request you not the login credential after puchasing the subscription, since the item you purchsed are limited to single screen use and the rest of the screens will be used by other buyers.
  • Can I share my credentials to others?
    No. You should not share the credentials to others since subscription services have limited number of screens and once you start sharing credentials, other buyers will not be able to use thier purchased screens. In case we find that you are sharing credentials to those who have not purchsed the screens, we will be bound to block your access to the account.
  • What if I forget my login credentials. How do I login to the subscription account then?
    Once you place an order on our online store, we send you a download link in your email which you could use to download the subscription credentials. Additionally, if you have an account on our store, you could get the credentials from Account -> My Orders page.
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